universe explosion

by adam cuthbért





universe explosion is a zoomed out timeline of the universe, from big bang to heat death.

three tracks represent multiple geminations from a singular abstraction. initially meant to become an ensemble piece with electronic accompaniment, these two components, [a] and [b], grew apart until they became autonomous accounts.

the third track was rescued from the verge of a crashed computer as i was building sounds for [b]. i included it because it felt like a mass of energy waiting to burst, which was a part of the universe's timeline uncovered by universe explosion's narrative.


released 01 October 2013

Produced by Adam Cuthbért
Mixed and mastered by Todd Reynolds and Adam Cuthbért
©2013 2future music. All rights reserved.

performance credits [track 1]
Todd Reynolds, conductor
Lina Andonovska, flute
Megan Clune, clarinet
Daniel Cutchen, oboe
Molly Germer, violin
Micah Ringham, violin
Hannah Nicholas, viola
Douglas Machiz, cello
David Sánchez, double bass
David Abraham, marimba/glockenspiel
Recorded by Andy Cotton in MASS MoCA's Hunter Theatre



all rights reserved


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